ABOUT More than just a beard!

In short I'm a comic book writer/artist, digital media producer and amateur beard-growing aficionado. I began spitefully making comics while attending the University of Toronto after the comics in the school’s newspaper were so bad I shouted, “I could make a better comic!”  Well I did (or at least I hope I did. They were terrible!) and I have been ever since. See?  Spite, it’s a powerful motivator! Since then I've done work for Scientific American, Science Rendezvous, Corus Radio Canada, Harvard University, Comedy Central and numerous comic book publishers.  Currently I'm the house artist for Chemicals Are You Friends website and publishing the comic Pieces of Eights, a pirate themed, fantasy adventure-comedy. That’s right, PIRATE MAGIC! Everything I do can be found here. Except for my cooking and my beard.  Both must be experienced in person.  

EMAIL [email protected]
Please feel free to email me any questions, commission requests, freelance work or general well wishes. If I'm swamped there may be a small delay in response, but rest assured I will reply. I’ve even replied to spam just because I thought of a funny retort. I will gladly guest appear at conventions or host your event/panel, if I can fit it into my schedule and budget! Please e-mail me to discuss details
Thank you!
TWITTER @ElusiveMike
If you want to hear my witty banterings or keep up to date on my current projects, this is the best way to stay in touch.
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TUMBLR Drunken Art
This page is still being worked on but when it’s up and running it will be the home to my reviews, ramblings and sketches.
Kind of like an online creativity lab.

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